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Alice (Tea Leaf Prophecy)

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Little Alice
Sitting in a tea cup
Swimming in a sea
Of tea leaf prophecy
Sinking into a
Deceiving warmth
Of false security
A spider’s lullaby
So sweet and comforting
You could die
And never know it
Little Alice
Takes a big breath
And goes under
She opens her eyes
Peering through a
Refracted world
Where lines are blurred
And everything shines
Where you are
Simply floating
No heaviness here
No weight
Holding you down
She blinks
In slow motion
As her hair floats
A halo framing her face
Little Alice
Is weightless
As her lungs
Begin to ache
But she still
Stays under
As her eyes
Start to tear
And her mind
Begins to fog
Here the world
Is so beautiful
Your souls only mirror
She opens her mouth
The last bubble escapes
Floating to the surface
For a moment it waits
Just below the surface
But then it pops
A whisper escapes it
But no one hears
Little Alice
Is sleeping
In her little tea cup
Peaceful and beautiful
A sleeping angel
As a sparrow lands
Balancing on a line
Between our world and the next
On the tea cup’s rim
Singing a tea leaf prophecy
Of a water angel
Not afraid to die
Little Alice
Was the brave one
Who stood up in the end
Took a look
Into the abyss
And jumped right in

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