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Dead Beauty

Monday, February 21st, 2011

It is always the most interesting type of beauty that can be found within the dead and withered objects. The things you believe are beyond the beauty of life and have passed over into a place where only death is. Often, however, it seems that these dead things carry their own beauty. A distinct majesty from the living beauty that stands far a part from any normal type of beauty. It seems there is even beauty in death. The withered and the dying, a beauty that is not from a world we can fully understand. Instead, a beauty that awaits us for a certain time and until then we can not fully understand this withered and dead beauty, just what it could mean.



Monday, March 29th, 2010

Mary is watching
Waiting for you
Standing ever patient
In a field of green
That never dies
Or withers with time
She stands in a place
Untouched by time
Sorrow or shame

Mary is watching
From very far away
Because the world we live in
Is to dark for her
And too unforgiving
For her to enter
So she stands
On the other side
Patiently waiting
Because she has
All the time in the world
But you don’t

Mary has been waiting
But now her wait is done
She slowly walks forward
And crosses the threshold
Into where she doesn’t belong
To retrieve her children
She has missed for so long
To take them to her pastures
Have untouched eternity
Where she stands
Smiling gently
With open arms
And a bowed head
Welcoming her children home
Back from the land of the dead