April 6th, 2011

Yesterday we stayed in beautiful Sedona Arizona. It was just like Zion except covering more space. The red rocks are beautiful and tower over this quaint little town.

My mom and I started out the day with a long hike up on top of a mesa. It was difficult but entirely worth it. We had to climb up the face of the red rock mountain. It was beautiful with the red rocks contrasting against the blue sky painted with delicate clouds.

From the top of the mesa we could see the entire town and all of the monoliths surrounding us. We were standing amid the giants of Sedona and it was amazing.

Probably my favorite part of the hike was the overlook of a huge red rock monolith. There are mitten shaped rocks like those in Monument Valley, but this was not just a mitten rock but an awkward turtle rock. A double-sided mitten.

After the hike my mom and I set out on an adventure in search of indian ruins around Flagstaff. First on the list was Walnut Canyon National Park.

We had to climb down into a canyon via 285 feet of stairs. It was quite an interesting descent into this dry canyon. FRom there we had to walk around a little island of sorts to find the ruins which were imbedded in the walls of the canyon.

We got to climb into and explore inside of the ruins but still, hard to compare to Mesa Verde. Next up was Wupatki indian ruins.

The ruins were on top of an oddly balanced rock and we could climb around in them. It was nice to see this huge pueblo house in the middle of the painted desert.

Then we headed to another section of ruins in the park that were comprised of three parts.

It was a long and exciting day full of adventure. We are staying another night in Sedona before moving onto Phoenix for more adventure. We will see what the next few days hold for us as Spring Break winds down.

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