October 17th, 2011

I just got back from an exciting encounter at Berkeley where in I got to meet and photograph Johnny Depp. Yes, the Johnny Depp. In an exclusive invite only event at Uc Berkeley, Johnny Depp’s new movie, The Rum Diary, based off of a Hunter S Thompson novel, was aired a week early. Oh and a Q&A with Johnny Depp after the movie. I love Hunter S Thompson, and the work done between Johnny Depp and Thompson is phenomenal. I am a die-hard fan.

Any who… The movie was really good, a few loose ends but a decent movie indeed. To get what you all are waiting for, Johnny Depp. I lurked in the back row with my telephoto lens to get these pictures.

He was exactly like what I imagined. He was the same as all his interviews, movies, or anything he every does, he was just Johnny Depp.


He was so nonchalant, but not in an arrogant way, very down to earth. It seemed like an altogether likeable guy. I really enjoyed his outfit. He had on like four necklaces, five rings, and a few bracelets as well as glasses. I feel like every interview I have ever seen him in he is wearing that hat. Not that it is bad, it is just sort of funny.

I really enjoyed his mannerisms. He was very expressive in his hand motions and altogether interesting to listen to as well as watch.

He talked a lot about Hunter and his relationship with him which was very interesting. Oh and he tried to take his jacket off and the interviewer that has there basically jumped to try to help him take it off. Johnny Depp gave him the funniest look, and started to laugh. So awkward and so funny.

P.S look at his tattoos, they are so interesting. I wonder what they mean.

Overall, a fun night. Very interesting to meet and see a celebrity. I wound up leaving a little early because I thought I was going ot either be kicked out or have my camera taken because we were not supposed to have “professional grade” equipment. So after I got to hear him talk for a little while and get a couple of good shots, I was outta there. Very cool, I hope to do this again some time soon.

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4 Responses to “Johnny Depp At Berkeley!”

  1. Mary says:

    I enjoyed reading about your experience . Curious as to what kind of equipment you had. Your photos are very good. I can tell that the lighting wasn’t the best, but you did a great job under those conditions. What did you ask or talk to him about?

  2. monica says:

    I was using a telephoto lens, 70-300 on a Canon Rebel T1i. There was a lot of questions about what was hardest for Johnny Depp about this character and he talked a lot about how he met Hunter and their relationship. It was very interesting.

  3. valri peyser says:

    These are such great photos Monica! Very cool experience!!! I love Johnny Depp too.

  4. Patty Burgdorf says:

    Good Going Monica, Love the picts, they felt up close and intimate. He’s so cool for sharing himself and his bud Hunter’s story
    with all you Berkley writers. Great way to spread the art. Hope you get lots more while your there. Love ya