January 4th, 2010

This photo makes me really sad every time I look at it. Even in Paradise there are reminders that even though this place feels like heaven, it isn’t.

An empty wheelchair sitting in the shade viewing the beautiful young people on the beach bathing in the sun and swimming in the water.

It weighs down on my heart. I wonder who sits in that chair. What that person must feels as they sit there and watch this scene with a heavy heart wishing that they could join in.

What makes me wonder even more is why is the chair empty? Did the person leave finally fed up with this, could they not take it anymore? Or maybe, just maybe that person got up and joined all those people who said they never could because of their handicap.

How hard would that be? To me it is unfathomable. Exile is a very real thing, all around us, we have to take a moment from our lives and step back to look not at our lives but at the lives of those around us. There is so much tragedy and yet so much joy in all the people around you but it seems like no one ever notices. So take a step back look at that empty wheelchair and ask yourself, what if it was me? You never know, one day it might be you, waiting for fate to finally turn in your favor again.

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One Response to “Wheelchair”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Maybe the wheel chair is just to make it easier and not because they can’t walk at all. Plus, what a beautiful place to be for anyone! 🙂