September 29th, 2009

Lift your feet
And make a wish
Close your eyes
And feel the world
Without touching
Or searching
Just know
As you have always known
Your heart beats
With the worlds heartbeat
Breathe out your worries
And breathe in consciousness
Let it cleanse your soul
That has wilted and withered
Let it go
Let it go
You can still be free
Let your chains fall
And sigh out the darkness
That has gathered
Around your heart
Threatening to suffocate you
To drown you in doubt
To snuff out the brilliance
Of your individual soul
Feel the breeze
Brushing through your hair
Kissing your skin
And know
You are alive
And you are lucky
The world lies in front of you
With a big red bow
Sitting patiently on top
Yes child
It is in reach
But to reach it
You have to
Step out of the eclipse
Shadowing your life
Look beyond
What fate has decreed
Make your own destiny
Don’t listen to them
They don’t know
They can’t understand
What the world truly is
They are blinded
By pride and foolishness
They don’t know
What the world whispers
Late at night
When no one is listening
But I listen
So raise your arms up
And scream out loud
Through your head back
Laugh a little louder
Put a little bounce into your step
Smile from ear to ear
A real smile
From the bottom of your heart
Make a wish
To never again
Fall into the eclipse
To never be a victim
Of the darkness again
Wish for a world
Full of sun kisses
And rose petals falling
Wish it
Believe it
Make it real

Not my normal style, but I will try it. Here is a happy poem. I hope you take heart to what I am saying, take a step back, look at yourself and ask, “When did my eclipse being?” Take a peak behind that curtain, and please tell me what you see, leave me a comment, of what lives in your eclipse and what you do to escape it.

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