September 13th, 2009

I was in my Theory of Knowledge class the other day, and because of my cold medicine, I was totally wired. I typically am really interested in that class but I just couldn’t pay attention because

Me + Cold Medicine = Bad News and Weird Things

So I am sitting in the back of the classroom when suddenly it dawns on me, I can’t sit in this chair a second longer. So what does my brain go to? Of course, what else? The floor. I just stand up in my seat and go around my desk and plunk down on the floor.

Of course, magically no one seems to notice that I just basically climbed over my desk to the middle of the floor. Ever notice how that always happens? When you do weird stuff like that, no one beats an eyelash. I mean I could have levitated over my desk and no one would have noticed. There is always one person that always notices though and no one believes them. I love messing with that person. It just makes my day.

Anyways so now I am sitting on the floor enjoying life three feet below everyone else in the class. So from there my mind starts to get hopelessly lost in the possibilities of my new vantage point of the class. I am staring at all the feet under the tables and I really want to crawl under them and scare everyone. But I decided to reframe from that and do the next best thing.

Bug some of my friends.

So I crawl over, still undercover feeling like freaking Batman with my ninja status of stealth, and sit down next to a table with three of my friends sitting there. They don’t notice. I reach under the table and poke the second person, Philomena, in the leg. They keep talking, she doesn’t seem to notice. So I poke her again. She shifts but doesn’t look under the table. So at this point I know she think it is my friend Allison sitting next to her. So I smile and keep it up. I poke her again and she moves but doesn’t notice still. The final poke gets her attention and she looks under the table to find me.

She of course freaks out wondering why I am under their table poking her so Luke and Allison both look and start laughing. By then I am laugh really hard because Allison thought I was a backpack.

I kind of phantom my way back to my desk, and no one notices still. They are still talking to me like I am under the table, they look up and notice I am back in my seat. Still cracking up, I love being strange.

Morale of the story, I am BATMAN!!!!!

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2 Responses to “TOK and Stupidity (Batman)”

  1. Maiya says:

    why did i not see this????

  2. monica says:

    Like i said, no one noticed, i was like batman on a mission…..