December 4th, 2009

There are hands in my mind
Reaching in and rummaging around
Throwing out what is unwanted
Digging deeper for treasure
Pulling out string
And throwing it up into the sky
Making a spider web
To hold up the stars
Suspended on the strings
Of my diseased mind
Pulling out words
Like building blocks
Lying them on the ground
All around you
Locking you in
Yet building you up
Just to knock you down
Filling me back up
Unraveling the web
Of the universe
Putting it neatly away
Back were it belongs
But it will never be the same
Because at one point
It existed as a whole
It was real for even the slightest
Of moments not just a thought
But a real tangible thing
Where you could reach out
And grasp onto the
The trail of stars
The spider web threads
Weaving in the cold night air
Each lone star lighting up
The dark night sky
Once it has a taste of reality
It becomes a hunger that never abides
Becoming a monster
Always wanting something more
But you can’t give it life
You can’t give when you have
Nothing left for your self
My head is empty
You took out all the words
All the thoughts
And left me nothing
But a darkness and sadness
That consumes my entity
All that is left
Is the string of a spider web
On which I weave the sky
You can’t fix me
I don’t want to be fixed
This is who I am
What I was meant to become
So I close my mouth
And lookup at that sky
Of spider web stars
Knowing within them
Lay the words
Slowly unraveling into
Something entirely new
That the world has never seen
The sky sags under its burden
Crying as its words fall forth
Falling to the worlds feet
Where we pick them up
And use them as we will
Taking something that never belonged to us
Abusing them and destroying them
With no regards to the spider webs
That held them up for so long
Held the words of power
The words of life and creation
My words

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One Response to “Spider Web Stars”

  1. Maiya says:

    AMAZING. seriously good imagery.