September 28th, 2009


Life sure can be a joke some times, so remember people, JK. 😉

Just a side note, but isn’t joke a weird word?

I am going to make a weird word list and post it if you have any ideas of weird words post it in the comments section.

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6 Responses to “Joke”

  1. Luke Thornley says:

    Carwash is a weird word if you say it over and over for several hours. I completely looses all meaning

  2. Maiya says:


  3. Luke Thornley says:

    I have somemore:
    Murken, proscenium, dork, Mariner, pully, and… ok mabey they arent that weird

  4. margarita says:

    oooh is this the anthropologie thing we were talking about during lunch?

    oh and a weird word would be erinaceous which means “like a hedgehog” and describes you in a few of your states.

  5. monica says:

    yes, is that really what that means? Because if it is that is my new favorite word xD

  6. Nick Multer says: