September 3rd, 2009

So here is another incident after the Ghosts and Stupidity, there will probably be many more like this.

Today during golf practice I was wheeling around my golf bag on one of the old man bag cart pushers. On hole five I was pushing it in front of me when the bottom caught the ground, stopped dead and hit me right in the neck.

Funny? Yes. Painful? Yes. A really stupid moment? Definetely.

Not only did I jab myslef in the throat with the handle, but I made the most ghastly noise when it happened. It was a mixture of a dying cat and what I can only assume to be the llama mating ritual noise.


Worst part, almost everyone heard the noise. Everyone just turned around and was like What the heck was that? I just laughed and laughed. No I am not an idiot, I am just unmindful of my surroundings, namely old man golf bag carriers.

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One Response to “Golf and Stupidity”

  1. Golnoosh says:

    SUCH a great moment!!!
    i love your old man golf cart…its the best!