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Mona Lisa Smile

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

Mona Lisa smiles at me
Perfect teeth but somehow wrong
She looks and stares but cannot see
She holds her pose forever strong
Such confidence in a twisted smile
But what could it mean
Is it happiness in a vial
Or maybe she can see behind the scenes
But the smile stands for only one thing
A secret kept far from the world
A heart song plucked from a string
A love note never unfurled
The base of music and sight
The sound of a storm
An answer to human kinds plight
The world a moth to butterfly transformed
But she keeps this to herself
Caught only in a little smile
A book gathering dust on a shelf
A man in jail waiting for a trial
But the secret that was never told
Seen only in a paintings smirk
Forever forgotten in a world of old
But seen only by those who know its works

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Rock Pile Art

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

IMG_5500 IMG_5494

These are just for you Golnoosh!!! Here are the rock piles i was talking about in Bend Oregon

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Lemon Water

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

I really, really hate it when at a restaurant they put lemon slices into your glasses of water. It ruins the water entirely.

I have four theories as to why someone might commit this heinous crime.

  1. They are punishing us for not spending ridiculously large amounts on sodas or other beverages we don’t necessarily need but want. If they ruin the water, the customers need to drink something, as in my case while eating at a spicy thai restaurant, so the customers will be forced to either endure the gross lemon water or spend large sums of money on something else.
  2. They are hiding something. Don’t know what. Don’t know why. They use the horrible lemon taste to mask some sort of other taste for god knows what reason. Then I am forced to wonder, whatever could be so wrong with their water, unless they take it from a restroom or some other unbeknownst place. (My mom mentioned this second reason and I agreed whole heartedly)
  3. They just plain don’t like us. They for some unknown reason just want our taste buds to burn and suffer.
  4. I don’t even believe this option is possible but here it is. They believe it actually tastes good. I shudder at the thought of someone believing this and hope that I am wrong.

So please, no more lemons in my water. There is only one thing that bugs me more than lemons in water, is limes in coke. WHY? So now they not only ruin the free water but the coke you paid three bucks for? Don’t get me started, it just makes me sick.

I know some of you are thinking this is pointless and wonder, why doesn’t she just take it out and stop whining. My reply, it doesn’t fix the problem. I don’t know how they genetically engineer these lemons to spread there juices the second it hits the water, but once the lemon goes in, the taste never leaves. Not to mention the uncouth methods for retrieving the drowning lemon. You can either stick your whole hand in and fish around or dig around with a utensil for a while cussing until you can spear it and drag it out. Take your pick, either way the lemon taste still contaminates it entirely.

This isn’t just because I dislike leomons, which isn’t true, I enjoy things with lemon flavors, or things with lemon in it. JUST NOT MY WATER. So again, please no more lemons in my water.

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Shogun Bathroom Key

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Yah, a weird title I know, but lets face it, I am a little strange. So I just saw the movie District 9, in it this guy becomes an alien due to some canister thing exploding some sort of black liquid in his face.

Today  I went to Downtown Santa Cruz with my Dad and little brother and we ate at the sushi place called Shogun. Being Santa Cruz you don’t want to use any restrooms while you are down there because…. well figure it out yourself, just let me say it isn’t pretty. So I go to use the Shogun bathroom and they have a key apparently which this lady hands me in a very unfriendly way I might add.

So I have this key and I am looking at it, and being the dork that I am, it reminds me of the canister in District 9. So I decide, hey I am downtown why not be weird. So I start acting out the scene with the canister, and pretending I am basically a freak of nature in the back of a japanese restraunt. I turn around and one of the sushi chefs is just sitting there laughing his ass off at me. So I turn hand him back the bathroom key and sulk back to my table back on a little place called planet Earth I enjoy visting some times.

Sad part, I had a lot of fun, actually more fun than I do in the real world. As I have always said, it is way more fun being  freak than being normal. Normalcy can truly be a disease, so watch out it might crawl up behind you and take a bite out of you.

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A Warning

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Dare you read what I have to say
Be ready and be warned
For the words I swear will hold sway
Inside this book lies my hopes and dreams
Behold my world
My darkness, my thoughts and fantasies
Every word I write
Every verse or story holds a world
Inside these words I write depict a fight
Do not take lightly what I say
Perhaps you understand
But if not you will one day
Here lies a world no one has seen
A world untamed and unscreened
Here my friends I am queen
Queen of these damned forgotten souls
These words a story
Of the devil’s uncollected tolls
If you dare have heart or stomach to hold
Please my friends and enemies take part
Come one Come all
To my sweet darkened world
Every word you see isn’t a word at all
Please understand my warning
To those who choose to partake
In this book is my heaven my hell
Here lay words that
Make the world bow with only one shake

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A New Beginning

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Alright, so here it is, I may know you or I may not. That isn’t what matters, what matters is a voice, for now that voice just might be mine. If you wish to listen please I invite you to partake. No promises though, this is me and only me speaking to you. You may be my best friend, you could be my enemy, you might be my family, or maybe a total stranger. I am here to share a world that is separate from yours, it is my world. Have mercy is all I am going to say, this is my beginning and I have to learn to crawl before I walk. Here is the beginning of my sojourn, you may follow if you dare.

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