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Scotts Valley Winter Concert

Monday, February 8th, 2010

I just wanted to congratulate the amazing students at my high school, Scotts Valley High for doing an amazing job raising money for people in Haiti with their winter concert. I am so impressed by my fellow students, there is so much talent at my school I never really knew about. Raising money for this great cause and watching my friends and fellow students performing was so inspiring and I just wanted to say


A special shout out to Maiya Moncino and Chris Youmans for hosting this wonderful event. You guys are amazing!

Keep it up everyone, I am proud of you guys. If anyone needs photos of the event I photographed it so just email me or leave a comment if you want any.


Travel: Hawaii

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

So, I know I have been somewhat nelecting my blog and I apologize for that.


Now that vacation is starting I will finally have some time to work on my writing. Currently my family and I are leaving for Hawaii in the morning for our Christmas break. I will be leaving travel updates everyday so stay tuned to see Hawaii in all it’s glory.


Death On My Window Sill

Monday, September 7th, 2009

There is a banshee
Standing on my window sill
Looking through frosted glass
With eyes that always see
Hollow and empty
They stare onward frigidly
Black as coal
Burrowing into me
A porcelain face
Frozen forever
In a horrified scream
An abomination
A disgrace
It taps its cold fingers
On my window panes
Begging pleading to be let in
Frozen forever in many winters
It beckons sadly
Trying to warn me
A sign or forwarding
Of ending tragically
A banshee is telling me
There is death
On my doorstep
Weeping and crying
It is trying to warn me
To make my ends meet
Before death can ever find me
It is telling me in the end
There is no place left to hide
When winter comes
The breeze brings a whisper
Of forewarned death
And a child too foolish
To bear heed to a banshees warning
Of death on my window sill

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