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Thursday, December 31st, 2009

So it has been a long year for me and my family. With good and bad happenings. We went to go see Lance Armstrong race at the AmGen in Sacramento. I got to stand right next to him.

Basically my year was full of trips, our RV trip to Las Vegas being one of the first for my mom’s 50 birthday. It didn’t work quite as well as we wanted but in hindsight was all right. It had its goods and bads. Mojave, Death Valley, and Las Vegas… it was interesting all five of us in an RV. I don’t think I would or could do it again…

I had two cousins go off to war, one in the army and one in the navy. Kayleen and Charlie we are very proud of you both, and wish you well.

My mom and dad went with me to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks.

We had some fun hikes and one encounter with a rattle snake. I think for a moment my mother took on the visage of a majestic Springbok to escape it.

My older brother Nick graduated High School.

We did a lot of talking with him over Skype this year because he was off at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

My dad had fun when we went up to the Licht Observatory and visited the awesome telescopes when school got out. With my sophomore year ended I had a lot of fun with my friends and was soon off to Michigan on our road trip. This time it was just my mom and I along with our dog. Together we are the travel buddies!! ( Also this is when I got my new camera, you will notice the improved quality of the photos from here out :D)

We stopped everywhere, Nevada, Utah (Mormon Tabernacle), Idaho (with a flat tire), and most memorable, Yellowstone.

We saw tons of wildlife in Wyoming and South Dakota, the best being the buffalo. Especially when we got charged by a buffalo in Custer State Park. They were all over the place just walking in the road.

Michigan this year was tons of fun. Full of tubing, the creation of creeper photos, and trips to Copper Harbor. It was also the first time I jumped off the pier into Lake Superior. And of course hanging out with all the cousins.

On our road trip back home we stopped in North Dakota, Montana (Glacier National Park), Washington, and Oregon. Glacier National Park was really fun, I swam in a freezing glacier river and saw a bear right up close.

In Oregon we saw the famous Shoe Tree and visited Bend. We loved it and I can’t wait to go back soon.

Back home school soon started with my first year of Full IB. In golf this year I was captain of the team and had amazing amounts of fun.

I had a good friend year, making new friends that I love, and making my existing friendships even better. A somewhat disappointing year in terms of health. Many people I know became seriously ill and that was emotionally taxing on all of us. To everyone with Cancer or some other illness, I wish you good health and happiness.  Visiting Nick for his 19 birthday in Cal Poly was very fun with kayaking in Morro Bay. One of the highlights of my year was my birthday and the trip I took with my mom to Seattle Washington.

This year I also bought my first piece of original artwork by myself from Bruce Telopa. It was a good year for art, I became an IB art student and my Aunt let me have one of her amazing paintings.

The other best of the year was our trip to Hawaii. We had so much fun snorkeling, going to the Volcanoes, and just enjoying 80 degree weather in December.

This year has had its ups and downs. I am excited for the new year to start over. So Happy New Years eeveryone. My biggest wish is for  health and happiness for everyone. My New Years resolution is to see the world with open eyes, I hope everyone can do the same.


I Spy A Zebra…

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

In Hawaii. Yes, we found a zebra in Hawaii. Strange but true. We were just driving along when my brother in the backseat just yelled out that there was a zebra. I barely got this picture but here it is. My zebra from Hawaii.

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Volcano National Park: Hawaii

Monday, December 28th, 2009

When in Hawaii, my family and I visited Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. I must say it was pretty disappointing to most of us. It took us three hours to drive there, then it started pouring rain. And I mean POURING. So I had to quickly put pants on because of course I was wearing a dress since it is Hawaii and I am horrible at predicting the weather. So we had  to make a mad dash from the car into the Visitor Center, which kept routinely losing it’s power which made things very hard to buy when tha cash register keeps shutting down. I forgot my passport book as well (you get stamps from national parks all over the country.. I have had mine since eighth grade) so that wasn’t as fun. I had to safeguard my little tiny piece of paper which I had stamped and would later put into my book, which was nearly impossible since I didn’t have a jacket, was wearing a dress with pants, and had no were to hide it from the downpour.

I think you see where I am going

The most disappointing part was the fact that the lava wasn’t flowing. The whole thing we drove three hours to see, wasn’t happening today. Can I explain my disappointment.

But you have to push through, so instead we went to go see this really interesting crater. There were also some nice steam vents along the way. Can I also say how hard it is to take pictures when it is pouring? I was running around getting soaked with my camera shoved in a plastic bag whipping it out to take pictures then stuff it back in.

The crater was very cool, but it still didn’t quite fill the void of the unseen lava. But I did get quite a few good creeper photos there. I also learned quite and interesting bit about Hawaiian Mythology which is one of the only types of Mythology I haven’t looked into. Pele is an interesting woman… goddess.

Next was a stop at the Lava Tubes which is basically a giant tunnel underground. It was very impressive. We also had a lot of fun with the mad dash back to car out of the pouring rain. The area around the park was amazing. It was just like a rainforest with giant ferns, and so much green all around you. It really was a beautiful place.

After the disappointment I had a lot of fun at the park. As we left the park the rain got even worse. I love rain but this was scary, we couldn’t even see the road it was coming down so hard. On our ride home a huge storm followed us. Thunder storms chased us along the mountain road back to the hotel. The storm lasted until noon the next day. But that is a different story.


Creeper Photo: Sleeping

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

You were sitting in a hammock with your boyfriend at the beach. You looked so peaceful, I had seen you walking around with him, standing on the tide pools. You two looked very happy together. You might have been sleeping but I wasn’t sure. I wonder what brought you here to Hawaii, maybe your boyfriend was going to ask to marry you here, or maybe you came here to get to know him better. Whatever your reason I hope your stay went well.


I Found Santa

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

I found Santa, prior to contrary belief he actually spends most of his time in Hawaii not the North Pole. I rather enjoy his rubber boots…


Can You Find All the Cats?

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

It is actually kind of creepy how many wild cats live in Hawaii. They are everywhere. They are creepy  because they look different from most cats, I assume it is because they are feral cats but who knows. The other day I saw thirty all sitting together, they act like a lion’s pack. Some are nice and others won’t let you within a ten foot radius.

Can you spot all the kitties? There are five, one is really hard to find. Keep in mind this is just a fraction of the big pack lying on the rocks.

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Swimming with Turtles

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

I got to swim with a bunch of sea turtles in the ocean. Turtles I must say are very strange looking animals, they feel like leather and have giant eyes. I just got to float around next to them while I was snorkeling.

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When Do You Step In: Abuse

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Let’s have a talk about something serious right now. Today I had a wonderful day in Hawaii, snorkeling, walking around, sunbathing, all that jazz. My whole day came to a very quick stop though.

While I was on the beach I heard a mother yelling. At first I paid it no heed thinking it was just a bunch of rowdy people in the water, until it continued for another good ten minutes. So I sat up and looked out at the water. There is a mother and her little eight year old boy standing in the water.

She was yelling at him, chastising him and dragging him into the water. For a moment I thought they where just playing but after she started cursing at him and he started crying, it became very clear it wasn’t just playing.

She was trying to get him to go snorkeling but the kid really didn’t want to. He was bawling and trying to run back to the beach but his mom kept grabbing him and trying to force him to go under even though he was so clearly terrified. She kept yelling at him to “put your f*@#ing mask on” and “put your f&%@ing head under he water”.

I was appalled.

The dad was sitting on the beach laughing as he kept yelling “the sharks are coming, the sharks are coming”. The kid was screaming and crying. The mother even went as far as to grab the kid as he ran away, drag him into the deep part of the water, and force him to stay there.

I didn’t know what to do. I was alone watching this poor kid being verbally and emotional abused by his parents. I noticed a few other people watching as well and I got up to go talk to them. I talked with two old women and a family of three also watching.

I asked them if we should stop them, step in, ask them to stop. We decided we had to do something so we went down on the beach edge to go talk to them. The mother noticed all of us standing there and got out of the water and walked away. I guess she gave up.

This means nothing to me. The fact that she walked away isn’t what matters. That poor kid was probably so traumatized because we let that go on for so long. So I ask you:

When do you step in?

It is really none of my business how a parent raises their child, but when is it appropriate to step in and do something. Do I have any right at all in doing this? It isn’t my child, it isn’t my business. But if a child is being abused emotionally, verbally, or physically, when is it up to me to do something?

It shocked me so much that someone could do this to their child. I am glad we did something but I feel like it wasn’t enough. So I ask you the reader, when do you step in, share that with me.And don’t let this happen.

Next time I don’t want to be unprepared.


Creeper Photo: Revenge

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

Alright remember my post, Creeper Photo: I Got Creeped? I must say I was quite sore about having been so scared by the Tiki Guy, so I decided I had to get revenge on him by scaring him back. My plan was to scare him somehow and it worked perfectly.

I snuck up behind him while he was lighting the torches and used my flash on my camera to blind him. He got really scared and surprised. My revenge was complete, except for one little detail:

It wasn’t the same guy

Apparently they switch off people who light the torches. I did not know this, so sorry for flashing you with my camera.



Sunday, December 20th, 2009

My new gecko friend, I named him Phillip. I spotted him on my way to go on  bike ride around our hotel, the Mauna Lani in Hawaii. This little guy is so cool looking, my favorite part of him is his eyes. And of course, his little toes.

These geckos are all over the place but I got really close to this one. I hope to see you again Phillip, but then again I probably won’t even know it is you.

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