April 4th, 2010

Today we started our day with my favorite college of the visit, Reed. The campus was beyond gorgeous with old brick buildings and mossy surroundings. We walked all over campus from the old dorms, to the new dorms, from hall to student center, and all around.

We stopped on a bridge to talk with a freshman Reedie to get the down low about the college. She said she loved the small classes and the way students got to explore all avenues of their passions which is something that I am really interested in. I really liked this school, I can’t wait for more information in the future. I mean seriously the school had a swing set.. I am a sucker for swings 😀

Next was Linfield, a school out in the middle of nowhere on the way to the coast from Portland. Yet again, another beautiful school. We didn’t get to spend that much time but we got to look around and it looked very nice.

That is it fo   colleges we visited on our trip but all of the little adventures we had in between have yet to be shown. Stay tuned for the rest of our trip. A sneak peek of something we did, a stop at the Multnomah Falls in the Columbian Gorge

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