San Ardo road race
August 20, 2011
We're heading south today for a road race in San Ardo. I love heading down this way since it feels like I'm headed to San Luis Obispo to visit Nick. It'll be a busy day with a long race for Gabe, and a nice long ride in the hills nearby. Mack and Matt take off first and we're hoping for a great placing. Gabe is off next after rollout with Ryan. I don't think they've raced together for quite a while. Gabe is jazzed about his chances today.
There aren't any more photos today as we had to cut things short after Gabe crashed out after only about 30 minutes of racing. He was second wheel, but somehow the front guy didn't point out a monster rock in the road and Gabe hit it square on and busted his front wheel. Needless to say, the bike is wrecked and Gabe has plenty of road rash. Fortunately no major injuries. Turns out later that day Mack and Matt crashed as well with Mack winding up with a broken collarbone. Only Jake did well winning his 5s race. A tough day for our new Santa Cruz development team.