Well it's certainly the people that make a family. Here you'll find information on a few of the people that make up our great family. If you're part of the family and would like to be added to this list, feel free to content for your page. Make sure you follow the general format for any of the people listed below.

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Here you'll find a wealth of information on Multer ancestry and maybe find a connection with the relatives in our family. My great-grandfather Max Multer emigrated from eastern Europe in the late 1800s and moved to New York. We've since spread out across the country and connected with a variety of other families.

The genealogy information on this site includes living individuals, but all detailed information is hidden from view. You don't require an account to browse this information, but I will make accounts available to family members that permit making changes and viewing this private information. I also encourage you to contact us with any information you have that corrects or extends the information in our database. I have to give a big thanks to Bea Valentine, David Zendels, and Karen Hoyem for their contributions. A lot of the information in our database is due to their hard work.

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You can join our discussion forums to communicate with other members of our family. This is a private area, only available to family members that I have granted accounts. If you're a member of the family, I really encourage you to join the discussions on a wide variety of topics. You might find long lost relatives, and answers to old mysteries.

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