This site is dedicated to the publication of family content related to the Multer family and focuses very much on pictorial stories. I've managed to collect many old pictures in addition to the wealth of current digital pictures I've been taking for some years now. These stories are organized into a historical timeline that over time will be filled with many hundreds and thousands of tales.

This content isn't really designed for public consumption, unless of course you have some connection with our family. If you fall into the former camp, you're welcome to enjoy any of these stories, but if you find them of little interest, I told you so. If you're part of the family in some way, I hope that you'll find a connection with some of these stories and help out to make this site even better.

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Here you'll find answers to those burning questions you still have.

So what is the point of this site?
In short, I intend it to be a history book of sorts for the Multer family. It will cover the distant past right up until the ever-changing present day. I've posted quite a few stories already starting at the present day. I have thousands more pictures ready to put up as well, but organizing them takes quite a bit of time. Many of these pictures go back to Max Multer and beyond. I expect the site to keep me busy for some time to come.
What about my family?
I expect to be busy for some time getting my family's stuff up. Then I intend to focus on family history. I would love to see other family members post content as well, but the size of the site may become an issue. Please stay tuned. I want the site to cover the richness of all our families, and will do all I can to make sure it lives up to this promise.
The site is so ugly!
I'm not a designer, but I tried my best. Send email to my brother Scott and tell that bum to help me. He's a professional!
Can I comment on stories?
Not yet unfortunately. I intend to add this in the near future.
I hate that picture of me!
I'm sorry, but I hate a lot of the pictures up there as well, but that's history baby.
How do I know what's new?
The best method is by subscribing to the RSS feeds. If you're using a decent browser like Firefox, then just click the RSS icon in the status bar from the home page. This will let you create a live bookmark where you'll see a list of what's new. If you're using a lame browser like IE or prefer using a dedicated news reader, then go download your favorite RSS application and subscribe to our latest stories feed or the latest genealogy changes feed.
I want bigger pictures.
So do I, but most people have slow connections to the Internet and I'm already pushing it big time. If you have a fast connection, I recommend using the Pictures Only link at the end of every story after you finish reading the story. This link gives you the full set of pictures in a larger size. I also have the full original images for every story picture, but it would cost me a fortune if I signed up for a website plan that covered that much storage.
Where are these stories you're talking about?
If you click on the Stories link at the top of every page, you get a list of all the currently posted stories. This is the primary place to get to all the content in the site.
Can I tell our relative Bob about this site?
Feel free to let other family members and friends know about this site. If they get mad at me though, I will blame you.
I love the site!


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