Mt Hamilton road race
May 29, 2011
The Mt Hamilton Classic road race is an epic ride, and Gabe has come to give it his best. It's far and away the longest climb he's ever done, more like 3 of the usual mountain climbs right in a row followed by lots more climbs on the other side of the mountain. We've got the lucky hat, the magical dog, and plenty of time to warm up.
It's a beautiful day for the climb out of San Jose, and there's no shortage of climbing specialists ready for action. Charlotte and I head out to Livermore to hang out while Gabe is visiting the pain cave.
We waited and waited, but Gabe hung in there great until he cramped near the top. Somewhere out on Mines Road, he opted for the ride with his friend Brian from SJBC. Ethan (and Adrien) both had great rides today. It was clear that sprints were especially painful for those that had to summon the will at the finish line.