Cat's Hill Classic criterium
May 14, 2011
Gabe is racing today in the legendary Cat's Hill Classic today. I suppose it's a classic having been around for 38 years, rolling over rough pavement, and including a killer 23% grade hill. Gabe and I previewed the course a few days ago, but now it's time to watch the Cat 3s (including quite a few juniors) enjoy the hill.
The junior 15-16 pack comes racing around for their climb up the hill.
Gabe is enjoying the pain cave as he climbs the wall.
That was so much fun, they're coming around for some more.
Tim is working his butt off.
One last time around the course and up the hill. Adrien takes the prize for best climbing face, and here comes Gabe right behind the fast pack.
One more visit to the pain cave before finishing just ahead of Ryan. I'm sure Gabe is already looking forward to doing this again next year!