Gabe's first win at the Turlock road race
April 9, 2011
After a week of driving all over the southwest, Gabe and I are back on the road out to the Modesto area for the Turlock road race. It's a beautiful day, a great course, and a small field, so Gabe is hoping for a good placing.
It's a 2 lap route for a total of 53 miles, and there are a couple of other fields out at the same time.
Here comes Gabe and his group after the first lap. The tiny group is taking it easy, and Gabe is all smiles so far. It's nice they've kept together as it's one of the kid's first race.
As I nervously wait to see who will come around the bend first, it's Gabe! He's been wanting a win this first season and I'm happy for him and his accomplishment. In that spirit, you can't have enough photos of him coming to the finish line.
And the victor gets another swag bag. The long drive back to Santa Cruz should go pretty easy with my happy man.