Spring road trip - Grand Canyon south rim
April 4, 2011
After spending last night in Flagstaff, we're off to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We had planned to ride our bikes along the south rim out to Cameron, but it's really cold and we're both a bit tired from yesterday. Good thing we decided on some sightseeing as I think I've spotted a great red Gabe creature off in those rocks.
A few dramatic poses that left Gabe holding on to Charlotte pretty tight.
Charlotte and I spent some time at the north rim back in August one day, then a bit more the next morning. The view from the south rim is quite a sight as well.
There's Charlotte and Monica exploring some of the dicier areas.
While Gabe runs around exploring.
The girls are daring each other to stand closest to the edge I think.
I'm kind of glad we opted for enjoying the views instead of booking down the road on our bikes, but then again...