Gabe's first bike race
January 3, 2010
Gabe has been so excited about cycling that he asked me about racing. I figured a mentoring session at the Early Bird Criterium in Fremont would be a perfect introduction to racing for him. He's really bummed he doesn't have drop bars and clipless pedals, but let's see how he does today.
Of course Larry Nolan is here just as he's been doing for many years. Nothing like having a world champion sweeping the turn for you.
I was glad to see Gabe was listening and learning the skills needed for safe and fun racing. I heard two kids took a light spill right around Gabe, but fortunately they didn't take him down. Gabe was feeling pretty confident about the race after riding with this group. Now we hang out for the start.
Gabe was a bit shocked when he saw that a whole different group of juniors lined up for his race. Lots of older kids that all looked very serious. Right away he was popped off the back into a small group of young kids. A few laps later Gabe had enough of a taste for racing that he was satisfied with riding the hills around home instead. Maybe we'll try again in a few years. It sure was fun seeing him out there.