Monica's field trip to Ano Nuevo
January 15, 2003
Monica's school class is off to Ano Nuevo today to check out the elephant seals. I'm glad I volunteered to drive on this trip. Turned out to be an amazingly beautiful day. Monica was just getting over a stomach flu, but managed to get up the energy to make the trip. This area of the coast has to be one of the most beautiful there is around Santa Cruz. Plenty of great views from the visitor center before we head out on the hike to the seals.
It's almost the height of the season for the elephant seals, and we're rewarded with about 2,000 seals in attendance. Plenty of males showing off their stuff and fighting over all the great looking seal babes. The pups were all very tiny and sticking close to their moms.
Monica did great considering her sickness and the length of the hike. It caught up with her a bit on the way back, but we made it back alive. Can't wait to do this trip again.