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Listeners (Work in Progress)

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Everyone comes to me
And I say tell me your sad song
You look upon me
With pleading eyes looking to be strong

They look for hope out of desperation
So tell me tell me
Why you cry so loud at night
Help me see

Each song is different
Filled with woe and pain
You fall down on your knees begging
Please release these chains

Some whisper some scream
Needing to rid themselves of their misery
To spill their taint
And give them some company

To share a burden
To pass on their shame
They need someone
To always remember their name

They come in flocks with trudging feet
Heavy souls to weak to weep
Seeking out a listener to her their cry
To help them fill in a hole they dug to deep

We listeners are burdened
Not with ourselves but others
We open our hearts for the people
Saying yes sir I’ll help you brother

We cannot deny those who seek help
No matter the tale or the stories told
We must wait and listen this is our curse
That we will suffer until we are past the years of old

We may look like children, or maybe the old
We are always different with the same design
It is our misfortune to be born
To forever listen to other’s crime

We must grow old in silence
Because it isn’t our place to talk
We are the ones who listen
we must travel this alone the long last walk

we cannot love another for we must suffer alone
we share our hearts with the world
we cannot claim it for ourselves
so our hearts wither never unfurled

Listeners never die because they cannot forget
Their message must never go unheard
When their time comes and they are to old to listen
And teach another the silent words

This is a part of s strange poem I wrote. I think I have an idea branching off of this for an actual story. I will continue to work on it. Tell me what you think….