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The Journey Begins

Friday, June 29th, 2018

The journey begins hours before the sun peaked over the mountains of the East Bay when my mom and I said goodbye to our California home in hushed whispers.

We drove almost 800 miles today and crossed through 3 different states. Tonight we find ourselves in Twin Falls, Idaho where Evel Knievel once attempted to jump the Snake River in a steam-powered rocket. Crazy, right?

Today was mostly a day of just driving, coffee, and bad singing in the car. We didn’t have any real stops along the way to Twin Falls. We had to stop at Philz coffee, however, before crossing the California state line into Nevada, but that was about it.

Twin Falls offered a wealth of beautiful sights to take in under their perfectly blue skies. My favorite was Shoshone Falls State Park where water cascades over huge cliffs like a mini Niagara Falls

I tried to take a normal looking picture of myself in front of this spectacular sight but the wind had other plans…

It was a great way to end a long day of driving. I can’t believe we started our journey and this is only the first of many adventure filled days to come.