October 4th, 2009

I was just thinking about something, in school teachers always want students to have everything double spaced because it is MLA format. I don’t understand that. I mean maybe it makes it easier to look at and mark up but all it does is make it easier for students to have their work look twice as long as it actually is.

I think it is bad to do things double spaced because when will you ever really do that in life? I mean you don’t see books double spaced unless they are for two year olds. Your boss isn’t going to ask for a double spaced paper or resume.

So why? It really just feels like a shortcut for people who can’t write large quantities of work. For people like me it is actually a gigantic pain because I do write an appropriate amount, but when converted into double spaced format it makes it way too long.

Yes I understand that it is used as a universal format so everything is done the same way, but really can’t we make it reasonable. No double spaced, it is just a space filler. Give me real content, that is what people should really be looking for in papers, not length.

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